The Maker

My name is Casey Guerrieri, I was born in Denver Colorado in 1994, and this is how CG Built started.

 I grew up on the front range of Colorado in a very small town called Franktown. I went to Otero Junior College in La Junta, Colorado on a rodeo scholarship where I didn’t take anything seriously. After two years, I transferred to Western State Colorado University in Gunnison where a lot of my family lives and I was trying to get my life together…

Being someone that always took things apart to fix them or just building something completely from scratch, and having a collection of knives from as far back as dad would allow me to have one, I attempted to build a knife one day.

I was living in Gunnison, working at the sporting goods store “Gene Taylors” as a gun and bow salesman, simply just trying to figure out life.

 So, I built this knife and a few of my buddies wanted one also. I built a handful more and each one brought a few more interested people. I decided it would be cool to get some real tools and build some cool knives for family and friends.

 In Gunnison, my family owns the meat processing plant which is where I worked every year during hunting season as the skinner.

 I was skinning at least 10 deer and 5-10 elk a day  and then going to the shop where I’d work on knives because I had quite a few to build.

 When hunting season came to an end, I took that leap and didn’t go back to a “real job”.

 December of 2019, I started building knives full time and this is what it has become.

 All I have to say is Thank You to the good Lord above and how thankful I am for all of you that support me beyond imaginable!